June 4-6, 2019Toronto Congress CentreToronto, Ontario

TipTrak Continuous Bucket Elevators

Are you looking to elevate your product from A to B, but need safe, gentle-handling of that product?

UniTrak’s TipTrak Bucket Elevator, manufactured in Port Hope, Ontario, has been specifically innovated to ensure the utmost care of your product. Whether your product is sticky or static, friable or of high value, the TipTrak can reliably elevate your material. With a variety of configuration choices and capacities available (from 5 to 2500 cu ft/hr) the TipTrak offers an application-based customization, based on your unique needs.

Option packages are available to cater to different material or environmental challenges, such as cleanable, washdown, explosive, abrasive and corrosive etc.

Stop by booth #1228 to see the TipTrak in action. Remember, UniTrak is your collaborative partner for dependable bulk material conveying solutions.

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